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For every order you make, earn SALON REWARDS!
For every order you make, earn SALON REWARDS!

Natulique Anti Pollutive Dry Shampoo 200ML

NATULIQUE Refresh & Go Anti-Pollutive formula is ultra absorbent, very light and invisible-no white residue. This product helps protect hair and scalp from suffocation induced by atmospheric pollution. Prevented from damage caused by pollution, the hair and scalp stay more radiant and healthy.

this product contains Certified organic and natural ingredients which include:-

  • Organic French Rose Oil
  • French Rose Extract
  • Organic Apple Fruit Extract
  • Organic Jasmine Flower Oil
  • Peach Flower Extract and Sunflower Seed Extract.

Instructions for use:- Shake well before use. Hold the can approx. 20cm from dry hair, directed away from eyes. Mist lightly and allow the dry shampoo to sit for 2 to 3 mins. Brush, or blow dry hair to increase volume.