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NATULIQUE Men's Colours


NATULIQUE Natural MAN is the new 100% Ammonia, SLS and Parabens free professional permanent men’s hair colour with a semi-permanent result that covers grey hair completely. Therefore, choose NATULIQUE Natural MAN to create beautiful and subtle colour nuances. Less than 6 minutes processing time results in a softer and more subdued, less visible and less lasting shade. A process time exceeding 6 minutes gives more intense and more visible shades, with a similar lasting effect as a 6 minutes processing time. Continuous use of NATULIQUE Natural men’s hair colour, e.g. once a month, will effectively prolong and maintain a discreet and natural look. With NATULIQUE Natural MAN you are in control.

Choose NATULIQUE Natural MAN to create beautiful and subtle colour nuances. NATULIQUE Natural MAN, being 100% Ammonia free and with a gentle fragrance, is very pleasant for clients and salon staff. All the Certified Natural Ingredients from NATULIQUE have been subjected to a strict certification process overseen by a leading independent third party.

Available in 75ml in recyclable aluminum.