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Beauty Works Sectioning Grippers

Beauty Works Sectioning Grippers are the perfect solution for clean extensions application. Made with premium velcro that helps to keep baby hairs and strays out of the way when fitting professional hair extensions. The grippers lay flat during the installation process and styling, secure to the head without pulling on the hair.

Pack contains:

  • 3x Large Grippers (9.5cm x 4.5cm)
  • 3x Small Grippers (11.5cm x 5cm)


How many times have you caught those flyaway hairs in the rings when fitting?

These super strong velcro hair grip pads hold all of the hair section up and out of the way when fitting including frizzy, unruly hairs that can be difficult to hold. No more trapping those fly away hairs in the hair extension rings when fitting, the Hair Gripper controls them all.

An absolute must for all hair extension tool kits!


  • Easi to clean
  • Reusable
  • Easi to use
  • Holds unruly, frizzy, flyaway hairs
  • Used when cutting short hair with clippers
  • Perfect when applying make/up or cleansing.