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Beauty Works - Anti Yellow Gift Set

Colour Corrects, Neutralises Yellow Discolouration And Banishes Brass

Banish brass and maintain cooler tones to leave blonde hair looking vibrant with our Anti-Yellow Collection Gift Set. This set features our Anti-Yellow Shampoo 250ml, Anti-Yellow Conditioner 250ml and Brass Banish 5 Minute Mask 250ml, in one essential set for blondes.


This Gift Set Contains


Anti-Yellow Shampoo

Our sulphate-free purple shampoo treatment formula contains deep violet pigment to neutralise unwanted yellow tones and banish brass, which can be caused by UV rays, chlorine, minerals in water and even heated tools over time.


Anti-Yellow Conditioner 

Enhance your blonde and eliminate unwanted brassiness to leave locks illuminated and revitalised.


Brass Banish 5 Minute Mask 250ml

Combat warm, brass tones with our Brass Banish 5 Minute Mask. Formulated with deep violet pigment that neutralises undesired yellow tones, leaving hair soft, shiny and silky. A dream team of natural ingredients provides a hit of hydration whilst keeping brass at bay.