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The Black Friday Sale is now on!
The Black Friday Sale is now on!

Beauty Works - Anti Orange Gift Set

Banish Brass and Maintain Cooler Tones

Enhance brown hair with our Anti-Orange Collection Gift Set. This set features our Anti-Orange Shampoo 250ml, Anti-Orange Conditioner 250ml and Cool Covers 5 Minute Mask 250ml, in one essential set for brunettes.

This Set Contains


Anti-Orange Shampoo

Beauty Works Anti-Orange Shampoo colour corrects and neutralises orange discolouration and banishes brass, restoring cooler tones to brunette hair.


Anti-Orange Conditioner

Enhance brunette hair and eliminate unwanted brassiness to leave locks illuminated and revitalised. 


Cool Covers 5 Minute Mask 250ml

Specifically designed for brunettes, the Beauty Works Cool Covers 5 Minute Mask instantly refreshes and cleanses hair, whilst combatting warm, brassy tones. The deeply hydrating formula nourishes strands.