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The Real Reason Hair Breaks after Chemical Services

The Real Reason Hair Breaks after Chemical Services

The real reason hair breaks after salon services is due to the harsh action of peroxide (developer/bleach). While you may think rinsing with water following a chemical service stops the action of the chemical, H20 cannot stop H202 (peroxide/bleach/developer)! The chemical action of peroxide is still active in hair even two days following a chemical service which can lead to hair breakage!

This video demos the presence of the common household peroxide (3% which is equivalent to 10 volume peroxide) and how rinsing with water does not neutralize or stop the action of peroxide. Just imagine what can happen when your hair is processed with 20, 30 or 40 volume peroxide (the percentage of peroxide used for permanent color, bleaching services, etc.).

The in-salon treatment Malibu C Crystal Gel is the only way to prevent hair breakage caused by peroxide.

This 100% Vegan patented, antioxidant vitamin complex is formulated with food-grade ingredients and gently yet effectively stops the damaging effects of peroxide/developer/bleach. 

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