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LA Model Tells Why She Loves Malibu C

LA Model Tells Why She Loves Malibu C

Want model-like hair? You first have to get rid of the mineral deposits hiding in your hair! The water you use to shampoo with sabotages your hair and prevents it from performing at its peak! If your hair is dull, dry, drab, brassy, clumpy, or damaged and your color doesn't hold or fades quickly, your water may be the culprit!

Malibu C, the leader in natural salon treatments, brings dull, lifeless, damaged, brassy hair back back to healthy hair full of radiant shine and flowing movement with its world-renowned Malibu MakeOver.

100% vegan, wellness ingredients formulated in a vitamin complex, the Malibu MakeOver is your answer to fabulous locks!

Visit to find a wellness salon near you or ask your stylist for a Malibu MakeOver and get model-like hair!

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