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How to Stop the Damaging Effects of Chlorine on Hair

How to Stop the Damaging Effects of Chlorine on Hair

It's not just swimmers that experience the damaging effects of chlorine on their hair and skin! High levels of chlorine are also found in the water you use to shampoo and bathe. This harsh oxidizer can cause hair (and skin) to look and feel dry and can also cause issues with chemical services.

Malibu C's 100% vegan wellness treatments are formulated with a patented, antioxidant vitamin complex that immediately neutralizes chlorine, stopping the harsh oxidizer on contact.

This video demonstrates the presence of chlorine then how just a few sprinkles of Malibu C Crystal Gel Treatment immediately neutralizes chlorine. Malibu C Crystal Gel is step 1 in the 2-step famous Malibu MakeOver. If you're exposing your hair to chlorinated water, you'll definitely want to have this exclusive in-salon service and then use the appropriate weekly Malibu C Wellness Treatment at home.

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