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What is Colourstart?

Colourstart is a reliable and professional alternative to the traditional industry "blob" test. It can be applied by a client at home, is suitable for use with all makes of hair dye and carries £2m product liability and product failure insurance, giving you peace of mind. Instructions for use must be followed by you and the client. In particular please remember:

  • Do not use Colourstart if your client has previously had a black "henna" tattoo or experienced allergy to hair dye.
  • Colour clients should be shown how to apply the test.
  • Current dated Colourstart must be used.
  • Colourstart must be removed by you before applying hair colour.

Why use Colourstart?

There are two very important reasons why every colour client should be patch tested prior to applying hair colour:

  1. It is your duty of care to protect clients from harm. For colouring this is best achieved by ensuring that a test is carried out 48 hours before each and every hair colour treatment.
  2. To make sure that insurance cover is in place should there be a problem, to protect your business from the risks associated with hair colour treatments.