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Beauty Works - Large Rose Gold Limited Edition Brush

Please leave at least 5 working days from ordering any Beauty Work Product to booking your client in. It can take a few days to get it from the UK if they are out of stock.

Beauty Works Limited Edition Rose Gold Chrome Brush features luxury boar bristles that glide effortlessly through strands. The extra-large paddle brush uses the finest boar bristle to cleanse through the hair mixed with nylon pins to detangle strands.

The natural properties of the boar hair bristles allow you to clean the hair, control frizz and detangle. The soft bristles are gentle on the head and stimulates the scalp as you brush, carrying the hairs natural oils throughout the hairline, resulting in shinier, softer hair.

Designed for use on hair extensions without snagging or affecting the extensions application. Use for daily styling and softer, more manageable hair.