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SIMPLY ACADEMY - click here for training info

Beauty Works - Invisi Tape 20" (Santa Monica)

Please leave at least 5 working days from ordering any Beauty Work Product to booking your client in. It can take a few days to get it from the UK if they are out of stock.

Invisi®-Tape allows for even greater control over a stylist’s creativity to precisely add length, highlights and volume custom tailored for every client.

Super fast extensions for clients and salons on the go. This revolutionary system allows users to add hair extensions within minutes. Restore length and volume from limp locks to full and thick, enhance colour and shine with careful placement using the most invisible hair extensions available.

Invisi®-Tape virtually disappears into the hairline, offering an even more natural blend than other tape extensions. Crafted by hand, the invisible weft technology uses a super thin silk crafted structure, holding each strand of hair together, the mesh tab actually mimics the natural re-growth of the hairs root. Creating a transformation that is virtually undetectable at the scalp, Invisi®-Tape uses healthy cuticle Remy hair donors for every strand.


40grams - 12 pieces, 6 sandwiches