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Brazilian Bond Builder b3 Training

Brazilian Bond Builder b3 Training


b3 Brazilian Bond Builder is a breakthrough professional tool clinically shown to penetrate the cortex of the hair, and proven to reattach the bonds that are broken during all color services by utilizing an anhydrous delivery system and specifically engineered co-polymer to dramatically reduce damage while improving color retention with no change to developer and no added processing time.

Thomas Everett is an International b3 educator based in New York. In this video he outlines the advantages of the b3 services by giving a background of the oil-based product. The functions of b3 and the directions of use. Explaining why the colour stays longer and how the hair is healthier. Thomas speaks about the correct measurements for the type of customer in the salon and goes on to show the aftercare colour lock products.

Damage results from a combination of many factors; not just from chemical services, daily styling, or environmental stress. When hair is colored or lightened, the bonds that make up the cellular membrane complex are broken so that color can either be deposited or in the case of lightening, removed. As the cellular membrane complex comes back together, many of these crucial bonds no longer fuse, leading to the rapid deterioration of the cuticle and cortex cells responsible for supporting the inner structure of the hair.

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